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Lab monkeys! Line UP! That's right boys and girls - at my core, I am a pixel pusher. I sketch, scan and then trace. I manipulate, destroy and perfect. Here is where you get to see all the stuff that isn’t suitable for public consumption by the corporate world - aka: for money. Who knows, maybe some of it is afterall. Select from the options to the right for downloads.

And that legal stuff down below... read it, understand it, obey it. I’m watching you suckas.

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speck Issue03 | View Comic

speck SPeCks Have Issues | 01 02

Set01 SPeCks Volumes | Coming Soon!

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Space01 Ring | 1024x768

Speck01 Mech Speck | 1024x768

WMP Where’s My Pickle?! | 1920x1200 1680x1050 1440x900 1024x768

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Spice01 Spice 01 | View Sample

Spice02 Spice 02 | View Sample

SpiceLite01 SpiceLite 01 | View Sample

SpcieLite02 SpiceLite 02 | View Sample

SpiceLite04 SpiceLite 04 | View Sample

Boxes Boxes Outline | View Sample

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Set01 SPeCks 01 | Coming Soon!

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there is no present thereisnopresent | View Image

soulflower soulflower | View Image

FFXI01 FFXI 8-bit | inspired by a Kaahi Avatar

fleuron Fleuron | Font Aid III Submission

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